So we have been working on this update for VERY long. We have pushed the release date way too far and I think that we learned something from this. In the future we will try to release smaller updates more frequently and we will try to be more active on social medias to keep you guys updated on what we are working on.Β It has been such a long time that I don’t even remember what features we added in this update so I will just try to remember (damn I really should write down a changelog when I am working…)

Update 1.4:

  • UI 3.0 – I hope that we finally nailed down a pretty decent UI layout. That’s only my opinion but it is really more intuitive than anything that we had before to the point where I think that we don’t need UI 4.0 (at least not anytime soon). You might feel frustrated at first but get used to it and you should like it. I hope so πŸ™‚


  • More parts – ~30 new GPUs (mainly Teslas, Quadros and some other high end parts), ~8 new CPUs (latest gen of Intel and AMD). We added new textures to MOBOs to make them more varied(not sure if I added it in this update), added more HDDs, SSDs(also not sure if that’s from this update),Β  then new types of parts like 6 Sli/Crossfire bridges, 3 case coolers, 6 cpu coolers, 3 gpu coolers, 3 thermal pastes and probably something else


  • Temperature system – Finally the day has come when you need to deal with overheating parts. I guess that’s not that fun. But still it adds a lot more challenge to building your PC. This system is pretty cool(see what I did there? Sorry). PC cases now have a practical benefit because they have different air flows and support different amounts of case coolers. So your parts generate heat in your PC and if the air flow is not very good some parts will heat up the parts that are near them(at least it worked like that when I was implementing it, I didn’t test it much lately). Your overheating parts won’t fry or catch on fire but you won’t be able to compete in benchmarks with a PC that is too hot. Maybe I should make it so that overheating parts would lose their integrity. Let me know what do you think about that.


  • New Overclocking system – So new overclocking system that takes into consideration part temperatures and sillicon lottery that is less random than the old but probably not perfect yet. Some tips on how it all works. Each part, let’s say CPU gets generated a random maximum Overclock ammount that it can support(boundaries of this randomness differ from component to component). Then all parts have different temperature boundaries. When overclocking you have to fit in those boundaries and you should also have some power headroom because that is very important in the current OC system. Each time you try to overclock you lose 1 integrity point, if an overclock was unsuccessful you lose 1 more integrity point. If you lose all your integrity point your component will break. So finally it’s not “sorry man your component instantly died on your first try of overclock”. We could of went way more deep with this system but I am pretty happy by how it played out and I think it should be understandable enough for the majority of people and it should provide some fair challenge. I hope you like it.


  • Part Integrity – I explained part integrity when I was explaining overclocking but I will clear up some other things. Currently parts don’t lose integrity when you are using them or when you are mining. Components only use integrity if you try to overclock them. If you lose all integrity points you will lose your component πŸ™


  • SLI/Crossfire(Advanced feature) – It was a really requested feature. I think it was the nr. 1 requested feature. You can set up to 4 way SLI/Crossfire. Your Motherboard needs to have enough 16x PCI lanes and you need to get a SLI/Crossfire bridge that supports the amount that you need. SLI- is only for RVIDIA cards. Crossfire – is only for RMD cards. You can’t use Rvidia cards with RMD. Please guys don’t ask for bigger PSUs because I don’t think that isn’t realistic to have 4 way Satan Vs or anything like that. Or prove that I am wrong or that this is a game and it doesn’t have to be realistic. I would like to get a discussion about that


  • Multiple HDD setups(Advanced feature) – nothing really interesting here. You can add more HDDs/SSDs to your rig now. Currently benchmarks in PCA don’t use HDDs/SSDs enough and I should probably make them more important in the future updates.


  • More part types(Case coolers, CPU coolers, GPU coolers, Bridges,Thermal paste) – We added new systems so we had to add new part types. We almost doubled the amount of component types (not doubled the total amount of components)


  • New saving system – new saving system that many of you were asking for. You don’t understand how difficult it was to implement this. But at least it is now in the game. Next step is cloud saving(I am not 100% sure that I will add it soon. I tried to add it in 1.4 but it was taking way too much time so I ditched this idea)


  • Sandbox mode(Advanced feature)- also a very requested feature. It helps a lot for testing the game too. I like it πŸ™‚


  • New tutorial – PCA can be very complicated and I hope that this tutorial will help with that a little. I am aware that it is not the best tutorial ever but it’s something. I tried to add something simple and quickly understandable but the tutorial itself became kind of complicated (at least I think so). Maybe it will help somebody


  • Other small quality of life improvements – I don’t remember everything that I added but things like Item type bar in Eshop, pages(mainly for optimisation), more sorting options in eshop and other things that make the experience much more pleasant.


  • Some smaller tweaks


  • LOTS of bug fixes – like LOOOOTS of bug fixes. That’s why beta testing took so long.


  • Something else that we forgot to mention. I am sure that we forgot something really important but whatever. Probably no one will read this whole blog anyways :D. Let me know in the comments if you have actually read to the end.
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Thanos · June 7, 2018 at 4:26 am

Well i read it all and seems fine to me

    Riles · June 7, 2018 at 5:12 am


    GFGIgnas · June 7, 2018 at 9:12 am

    Nice, I thought that no one will read it to the end but you proved me wrong πŸ˜€

8bitgamer757 · August 17, 2018 at 5:25 pm

i read it all the way thru : )

Kaspars · May 27, 2019 at 6:26 pm

Can you make seperate guide, how to overclock when you are in bechmark competitions. There is 3×3 squares and i don’t know what to do there..

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